1) Who are we and where are we located?
We are a shop that specializes in Tandem bikes. We also deal with bicycles, bicycle accessories, gears, bike tours, bike rentals and other bike-related things. We are located in San Fransisco.

2) What are the prices? Bikes at our shop are affordable and we have different price offers for different types of bikes over specific periods, usually from as low as $13 to a maximum of $100 per day.

3) How Long Can I Rent A Bike For?

A tandem bike can be rented for at least 4 hours and a maximum of 72 hours. Extended rental lengths require prior arrangement. We allow an extended rental length of one week.

4) What types of Bikes do we have?

We have both twin and triple tandem bikes. Twin bikes include the Kent Tandem, Giordano Viaggio, Beach Cruiser road bike and many more. Triple tandems include Meridian Tandem and others. We also have road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes available.

5) What tours are available?

We believe in customer satisfaction. Our tours are tailor-made for individual groups according to a questionnaire survey you fill out during reservation. The tours are a guaranteed perfect adventure.

6) What are the opening times?

Our ship is open seven days a week. 8am to 5pm

8) I have never ridden a tandem bike. Can I still rent one?

We offer training for first-time tandem riders so you do not have to worry about having never ridden one.