Don’t be Sore! Use a Foam Roller After a Long Ride

You just got back from a pretty good ride on your town’s 7-mile parkway ride.  Your legs are getting all the exercise they need, not to mention your butt is increasing in muscle mass.  To this, you must add the fact that you are building healthy lungs and effectively oxygenating your blood stream. In summary, you are getting a great workout without the suffering of spending countless hours at the gym.  Despite all the benefits associated with riding your bike, there is one important thing you should consider after a long ride.


You see, our muscles have this tissue surrounding them, called fascia. When this tissue gets thicker, it becomes stiff and causes pain.  The solution to this: foam rolling.  You can get rid of stiffness on those trigger points when you apply the correct pressure with the best foam rollers.  Once you have found the one that best fits your needs, you will be able to complement your long ride with a good foam rolling.

When you are cycling, you are constantly using your quads so maybe that is the first thing you want to roll.  The rolling for this part of your body is pretty simple.  Get on your knees and place the roller on the very top of your knee.  Lie down holding your upper body with your elbows.  Start rolling up your thighs all the way to the middle.  Keep on for at least two minutes.  If you find a spot where you feel some pain, focus on that and keep rolling there.  You might want to go all the way to the hip flexors, possibly focusing on one flexor at a time.

You can next move to your IT band, which is on the side of your thigh.  Position your body on one side completely above the roller. You will start at the top of your knee again and roll up and down.  Roll all the way up to your hip.  Change sides after 10-15 rolls, whatever makes you feel more comfortable.  If you feel the exercise is a bit too intense, you can lower it down a little bit by starting your rolling going midway only and then go from there to the hip.

To roll your abductors, place the roller on your side and rest the inside of your thigh over it, up and down.  You might want to start from the middle of your thigh and then progress as you feel strong enough.

Considering that you are sitting for a long period of time, your gluteus are muscles you also want to roll on.  Just sit on your roller and roll up focusing on those areas where you might feel some stiffness. Start by applying your weight on your left side and then switch to the other side.

Stay healthy and always ready for the next ride.  Get rid of stiffness and enjoy your bike rides all the time.