Supplementing a Workout with Fun Tandem Biking

tandem-time-trials-closed-out-the-first-day-of-competition-medEvery time people want a change, they start within themselves. And most often than not, they begin with their physical appearance. Admit it, you are one of these people, right? So, probably, you have tried losing some weight by doing routine exercises or lifting weights at the gym. Initially, you enjoy doing this, especially if you see awesome result, but eventually you become bored of them. You give up before attaining your goals.

What can you do about this?

Well, diversity is the key! You have to look for other ways that can help you attain your fitness goals besides the usual and ordinary workouts. An outdoor activity is one option you can try. Scientific studies suggest that outdoor exercises do not only benefit you physically, but it can also uplift your mood and enhance your cognitive thinking. In fact, some personal trainers started incorporating these kinds of exercises for a more Fitness Defined program. There are several forms of outdoor exercises – one example, which is gaining popularity nowadays is Tandem Biking.

Tandem Biking

08-31-02tripletmtr8Most tandem bikes are two-seater, but there are also three-seater bikes, which are very uncommon. One seat is placed behind the other, not side by side. These bikes are designed to be ridden by two or three persons. It is the perfect way to bond and have fun with someone while getting some fresh air, taking delight in the beautiful places and working out those muscles.

Tandem bicycles have two sets of handle bars and pedals for each person to manipulate. The one in front does the majority of the steering since he obviously has the front view. However, for conventional tandem bikes, you have to exert the same effort of pedaling to make sure you and your partner have a smooth ride. In cases where two cyclists don’t have the same level of strength, agility and endurance, make sure to purchase a bike that has separate drive trains or gearing – this allows  two individuals  to ride together even though the pedaling are out of sync.

Mounting and dismounting a tandem bike is not as intimidating as it looks. It is the same as riding a common bike, the only difference is that, you just have to be aware of the other person’s actions. As soon as you are both ready, you can pick up your own pace, that is, if you are using a tandem bike with separate systems. It is a smart investment to purchase this type because there are more advantages compared to the conventional ones.

Tandem Biking with a Personal Trainer

If you are really serious about attaining your fitness goals, there is no other way to ride a tandem bike, but with a personal trainer. A private fitness expert is able to guide you through the whole process of biking to maximize your workout, and reap all the advantages and benefits. At the same time, he or she is also there to guide you and determine your limits to avoid over straining your muscles, as well as preventing any injuries. Having a trainer as your tandem partner is a very rewarding experience. You will be able to attain the physique you want while enjoying the whole process.

Tandem biking is a great alternative for indoor workouts. It is like stepping into a new realm of physical activities that helps you holistically and attain total Soul Fitness. More importantly, this type of outdoor activity allows you to share this great experience with someone. You can have fun, bond and exercise with your tandem, which is more exciting than the boring indoor regimen.  So, get a tandem bike, start riding and have fun!