Great Places to Bike in San Fran with your Dog Beside You


A quote from John Howardreads “A bike is a curious vehicle, its passenger is its engine.” This is a phrase that holds great meaning for cyclists and bicycle enthusiasts. A bike is a conveyance wherein the cyclist is the one who holds all controls and decides where, when, how fast or slow or how long the trail is going to be. It does not require much in order to maintain or use it. It is not affected by oil price hikes or traffic… No parking issues… No hassles… All you would really ever need is a leg or muscle power to drive your bike. It is a great way to see the world and broaden your horizon.

San Francisco is considered a bike-friendly town, you can find Bay Area Tandems for all your biking needs.  There are a lot of trails and treks waiting to be explored by the adventurous and what better way to explore this city but with your faithful canine companion. It is a patented way of getting a good physique not just for you, but also for your pet.  A chance to bond and spend time with your dog.

This city has a lot to offer: famous landmarks, a melting pot of culture and diversity, exotic and enticing cuisine and for various services for different needs such as for dog owners, in case they need a place to temporarily book their dogs when it is convenient and they would not need to worry, they can employ the services of doggie day care such as A Leg Up  and the like.

Here are some of the recommended areas or places where you can put rent a bike, decide on the bike trail, pedal to the metal and traverse through the Bay Area:

  1. The Golden Gate Bridge
  • This is one of the city’s most famous landmarks. It is considered the true symbol of San Francisco.
  • Many consider this trek as one of their favorites because it is fun and exhilarating, aside from avoiding the usual setbacks such as traffic and parking. While walking or running with your faithful pooch, you can embellish your ride and tailoring it to cross the bridge highlighted checking other various landmarks such as Fort Mason or the historic airport Crispy Fields.



  1. Downtown to Ocean Beach
  • A chance to get your feet wet and play with your dog. It offers flat roads that wind along the coast. It is a great way to challenge yourself, build up that leg muscle, and give your dog a great exercise while soaking up some sun and spray.
  • Make sure to exercise caution, avoid Haight Street and the road near the Cliff House because it narrows and there are a lot of cars travelling along that route.
  1. Golden Gate Park
  • Exploring the park is an adventure all on its own. There are lots of bike paths to consider and it is situated near a lot of tourist attractions that can be checked out such as the Japanese Tea Garden, Academy of Sciences or the De Young Museum.
  • The winding and wide bike routes allow exploration and a chance for your dog to run around.
  • It is an amazing and must see park that provides many diversions and entertainment for you and your faithful canine.
  1. The Presidio
  • A scenic place to visit and take an easy ride along the water with breathtaking views of the Palace of Fine Arts, Fort Point, and the Golden Gate Bridge, etc.…
  • It allows for a smooth ride because the bike paths are flat and easy to traverse.
  • It in itself is a place full of culture and history that you and your dog can immerse yourselves in
  1. The Land’s End Trail
  • A stunning view at every turn. It is a chance to see the Labyrinth or the Sutro Baths.
  • The trail is marked with bike or no bike areas designated to allow safe trails and hikes plus some of the famous sites are dog friendly.

Biking in San Francisco can be a memorable experience for you and your dog. Some of the great places enumerated above would allow to bond with your best friend, build memories and become well-versed in the way of the world.