Things To Do: Ride to AT&T Ball Park

Are you looking for some fun and exciting thing to do during your spare time? If you enjoy spending more time outside, road biking while enjoying the heat of the sun, and watch your favorite baseball team, then you can do one thing that can make you do all those things at the same time. And that is – to ride your way to the AT&T Ball Park.

You will have a perfect chance to ride and maximize your game experience in watching the San Francisco Giants play. Rather than riding a car or a cab, you can go by bicycle and feel the thrill and the adventure of commuting with two wheels.

The AT&T Ball Park

There are many reasons why many people would do everything just to step into the park. It is the home of the San Francisco Giants. There’s also the reason why it was awarded as the Sports Facility of the year 2008. With its classic design and the captivating view, no wonder more and more people are dying to come to the place and watch the Giants.

at&t ball park

You got to prepare your orange colored shirt to be a part of that big crowd inside the stadium, cheering for the San Francisco Giants. During the game days, the number one rule is to wear orange, orange and black specifically. And before you sit back and enjoy the Giants game, make sure to get something to eat and drink for a continuous fun.

Going to the Park by Bicycle

Since it would be more fun to ride a bike going to AT&T Ball Park, it seems an exciting idea for many. However, you also have to think about how to secure your bike while you’re watching the game. You have to make sure that you know where to park your bicycle safe and protected. There’s a bike parking facility at AT&T Park that opens 2 hours before each and every game and it closes 30 minutes after each game. You can check the San Francisco Bike Map for more ideas.


When you’re riding a bicycle going to the location, make sure that keep yourself protected as well. It might not be your first time to go for a long distance ride, but it is always important that you are properly geared and protected. You certainly don’t want to end in a mess before you can even get to the park. Get a good direction from your area going to the place; try to know about the shortcuts as well.

The Baseball Game

There’s an absolutely good reason why baseball is one of the most loved sports in the US. It is such an exciting and fun game to watch. You even have a good chance to cheer for the Giants, the pride of San Francisco. What are you waiting for, check out their game schedules, wear your best baseball sunglasses and plan out your next trip to the AT&T Ball Park. Just remember, be safe when commuting by a bicycle and get the fun that you truly deserve!