Bike Accidents Gone Wrong: Finding An Orthodontist After an Accident

Minor accidents become more common as a person gets a more active lifestyle. A cyclist can have an accident on the road while they’re crossing from one town to another. Even when riding in big groups, a good cyclist should know the safety precautions to keep accident risk to the minimum.

However, you can still suffer from a dental injury like a chipped or dislodged tooth if a stray animal suddenly crosses the road and you fall to the curb. At times, you may hit an unseen bump or uneven surface on the road which is a recipe for accident.

Depending on the type of dental injury, you might want to take steps to act on the damaged tooth/teeth immediately. Once you find that the extent of your injury is only on your teeth, you can book a dentist appointment right away.


A dentist will do the evaluation of your dental injury based on a simple clinical assessment or get you scheduled for an X-ray scan to find out what option you have to fix the injured tooth. There are times you’ll be advised for a repair, replacement, or both.

You have several options for treatment of dental injuries. Tooth gaps are fixed with orthodontic treatment using braces that can get your teeth closer together. A tooth bridge is an installation of a false tooth that can be set around the teeth beside your injured area.

Replacement options like implants and tooth dentures are common for people who lost their tooth in an accident. Some people need a root canal because they acquired pulp damage. Dentists will advise the best treatment option for the injury you sustained during a bike accident.

When you sustained a dental injury, it’s best you schedule regular visits to your dental clinic of choice because damage may develop on the injury after several months or to a couple of years. You need to identify the best dental clinic in your area to make sure you get the best emergency dental service and post-treatment service in your area.