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Tandem Bike

In a world where people use cars to go just about everywhere, we kind of miss a lot. Look at it this way. If you are in a car, you cannot have the time to marvel at nature, or slow down just to breathe in the fresh air. Going for a hike is quite hard because of the terrain may be too small. However, with a bike, all these are possible. You do not have to walk to your destination, all you have to do is ride there and get to stop wherever you want, enjoy nature and breathe in the fresh air.

Our goal at Bay Area Tandems is to provide the highest quality bikes at a fair price. After all the bike is simply the best way to see the city.

At Bay Area Tandem, we get you the best quality when it comes to bikes. Our prices are affordable and the kind of treatment we give our clients keeps them coming back. In addition to this, we always make sure that the bike you have chosen is in good shape and is set to suit you adventure.

This means that when you rent one of our bikes and if it has ANY problem, you can call on us and we will be able to fix it for you wherever you are. No need to stop your expedition just because your bike got a flat tire (we use the best technology on the market to make sure this happens as little as possible. Our services are completely at your disposal.

In addition, if you are going for a family adventure, we are in a position to provide each family member a suitable bike and services that is appropriate.
Apart from having the best bikes and the best services from Bay Area, the staff that work here are very informative. All of us without exception have spent considerable amount of times on and handling bikes. Rick, for instance was a competitive Tri-Athlete and is extremely experienced with touring and road bikes. John on the other hand, grew up in the BMX park.

Stop by today and discover why we routinely win awards for Bike Rental shops.

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